Friday, January 9, 2009

No Posting Recently

Final exam week and surprisingly its not bothering me at all. No books, no handouts, no powerpoints, no cheating sheets, only brain existed! And I guess, i am not that bad..............
Then why no posting?

Because i already bought a blackberry and a puzzle word book. Woohoo. STUPID. Errrrrgh I promise to update tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Heels, anyone?

Oaaah sorry for the lateness bla bla bla. Well, this is the lamest long holiday. Nothing really special except I have to pretend this month is special in order to my words: "December is my all time favorite month". Duh!. I dont want to take those words backkkkkkk. Hihihi. So why heels? Mmm I got two new heels this month. One, Zara black ankle heels; birthday present from my sweet boyfriend. And two, black pumps from Zara (yeah again), got it from some random retail therapy (its sale season peopleeeee). I know it sounds perfect. Yes it is. I love those heels so much but the problem is I am absolutely not a heels person. I am more of a thong or flats kind of girl. I only wear heels to wedding reception hihihihihi. I'd love to start being a girly girl..... But how on earth I can do that?

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today, im really tired of everything. Boyfriend problems, reading yang rupa-rupanya mendadak ngga jadi, jalanan macet jahanam, bengkel yang letaknya mepet neraka..... Buset jauh banget. Eh pas udah sampe codefin dari neraka, si anak yang janjian ama gue mendadak family time. Mmmmm, bagus, ngefet. Anyway, im really really trying to ignore them all. Its christmas anyway and its still December, my all time favorite month.

Japan Darling by heidy.trisiana
I constantly made set based on my mood, but now im trying to be positive instead of making another creepy set because of my bad day. Simply trying to captured happiness.

Merry Christmas people.. God Bless

Monday, December 22, 2008


Sometimes you just wanna scream & slap yourself by heidy.trisiana
Im still sick and to make it worst, my period is coming. Thanks good Lord.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Untitled by heidy.trisiana
Im sick and its almost three days :(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kids Point of View

After two days, I still cant believe i already hit twenty one. Sebenernya gue belom siap buat mikirin masa depan segitu intensif nya. Mikirin potensive problems yang kira-kira bakal gak kira-kira bikin gue jatoh bangun. I'm not ready yet. Rrrrrrrr please turn me back to the good old days hihihi. Btw, my birthday was quite fun. Its not as fun as last year though but I realize my desire to celebrate another birthday is start to turning off. Pengaruh umur kali yeee hahahaha. Malah dari kemaren gue masih korting umur ngaku-ngaku ulang taun ke dua puluh. I bought myself a present: a pink Sony CyberShot digital camera. I am really really proud of myself, bought something with my own money. I decided to bought it exactly on my birthday to made it even more special.

Warnanya menyenangkan ya?
Eh ngomong-ngomong hamster gue si gembrot Moo dan si galak Dee belagu banget deh, kan gue belom beli makanan buat mereka trus gue kasi toge (gosip-gosipnya hamster kan suka sayur tuh) eh cuma dimakan masing-masing 5 batang. Tadi pulang kuliah, El ngasih makanan hamster yang packaging nya aja udah sophisticated bgt (cie), pake dus trus heboh banget warna-warni kaya cereal. Pas gue liat, Made In Canada boooooook. Sampe rumah, gak pake taro tas dulu, buka sepatu, buka baju, copot beha (eh kok jadi porno gini), gue masukin aja tu makanan import. Eh lahap beneeeeeer. Mmmmm tikus aja banyak gaya. Besok ya gue posting foto hamster socialite gue. Malem ini capek ah. Lagi atit Heidy nya (jgn muntah).


I HAD FUN by heidy.trisiana
Wow wow wow. High school sweethearts are my forever love.


Thank you December, thank you 16th, thank you everyone for the sweetest greetings. I got two hamster from El: Moo and Dee.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Morning, Heidy!

L O V E by heidy.trisiana
Tomorrow is my birthday. I feel blessed and loved. Welcome another age.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sunday and its supposed to be the day of being a 'couch potato'. Unfortunately, final assignment didnt let us be. The worst scenario really happened: went to college on Sunday, being there for like six hours, staring at books and notebook, but still not finished yet! Here's some random pictures taken by my macbook around 6.30pm. Me and my two closest friend, Panji & mostly, Alvin. We really didnt know what to do. Really.


Oh I love this cartoon! I loveeeeeeee Rhino. For me, its even better than Twilight. Umm, sorry girls.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Errr, pagi ini lagi-lagi kesiangan. Begitu sampe kampus, hal pertama yang gue lakukan bukannya lari terbirit-birit ke kelas tapi malah makan gado-gado porsi besar. Makan terburu-buru? ngga. Ngerasa bersalah? ngga juga. Aduhhh dosen 'taxation' gue setiap Jum'at pagi, amat sangat powerless. Nobody pays attention (well maybe except four girls who sit on the front). Everybody were busy with their own notebooks. And that lecture, he didn't care either! hahahaha. Bukti cuek bebek ketek bengek nya adalah gue dateng sangatttt terlambat. When we (me and my also late class mate, Panji) came in, he just move his head a little bit and saw us with his corner of his eyes and, in a less than a second, continue lecturing. Yang lebih tragis adalah waktu UTS mata kuliah ini kira-kira 2 bulan lalu, kita ujian sambil mepet-mepetan kaya di angkot. Sempit benerrr. Siku gue aja beradu ama siku Alvin, samping gue. Entah ini metode perangkap setan terbaru untuk menguji kejujuran anak kuliahan jaman sekarang atau.............?. Pity. Kalo bukan karna rekap absen, trust me, there will be only those four girls inside this Friday morning class. Here's an image of me and Panji. Taken around 11am. Trapped in the middle of whatsoever called study-less.

And, oh I made a new set. Two hours break time really boost my creativity. But I guess I'm just too excited reaching 21 it ends up with a lame title. Ugh. At least it's nicely done.

Next Tuesday I'm Turning 21 :) I Feel Powerful by heidy.trisiana

Last but not least,
Thank you boyfriend for the sweet treats today.
Thank God it's Friday.


IDK by heidy.trisiana
Ya. Oke. Hari ini? Pretty good. Ngomong-ngomong itu set diatas, gue bener-bener gak tau mood nya apa tiba-tiba rok kulit, trus tiba-tiba tshirt macan. Rawrrrrrrrr.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Cage by Whitest Boy Alive

Maybe a little late, but I found this very interesting and delusional video clip. They came to Jakarta two weeks ago on an event called BeatFest. Eventhough I didn't attend the event (my conventional boyfriend didn't let me go huhu), I overheard people still talk about their great performances until now! And yes, indeed, after seeing this vclip, they're worth to talked about. Sniff.....